Season 1


Episode 8

Reminiscing about office gripes

5th April 2020


Episode 7

Discussing restaurants and spice levels

29th March 2020

Public Transport Calls

Episode 6

Finally! Matt and Abdul come out of retirement to talk about those people who make phone calls on buses and trains.

25th February 2020

Shower Controls

Episode 5

Abdul and Matt are joined by Joe to lament the unique variety of shower controls.

14th September 2019

Plane Chairs

Episode 4

Matt and Abdul buckle up and discuss the horrors of the airline seat, and the ways other passengers abuse them.

31st August 2019


Episode 3

Guest Hugh Rawlinson joins us to discuss his gripes about Italian style cooking.

10th July 2019


Episode 2

Matt and Abdul visit the USA and have some thoughts on tipping culture.

16th June 2019


Episode 1

Mild frustrations with walking around the streets of London.

6th April 2019